a bit about Switchback J


Swithback J picks up a guitar for the first time at age 16 and starts taking great interest in various music forms, most of which is in ROCK music.During his first stages in the music world, he plays in several bands, TOYSBOX, MAILBAND, and etc.

He then makes his major debut as a guitarist in a band called AMUSEMENT PARK in 2003.AMUSEMENT PARK tours all over Japan visiting many cities for their fans.This leads to his activities in music industry.

Some of his most prominent activities include providing musical pieces to Naotaro Moriyama, a famouse Japanese male singer,
supporting live shows for a famouse Japanese female singer Chihiro Onitsuka, Modern Konya, and many other artists.

He now devotes much of his energy to activities in Switchback J.

He grows to be the powerful guitar player and also plays a role as a singersongwriter.The rock music he writes is attracting a lot of people.

His latest work “In My Time Of Screaming” is a masterpiece with a strong rock taste,
and he have played in a show at Tokyo Akasaka BLITZ in October of 2011 fascinating lots of audiences.
J's recent shows in Los Angeles, CA  has been creating much sensation.